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I'm not sure who was setting off fireworks last night, but it was quite the show, un. They had taste, that's for sure. None of those pathetic noise makers that barely make a spark in the sky, but all the real big and explosive colorful ones, the eye-popping masterpieces, un.

I'm thinking about going out tonight and setting off some of my own after work. As nice as last night's display was, I'm gonna put it to shame, un.

After all, this sort of thing is my specialty. Does anybody have any specific shapes they wanna see? Just don't be a dick and make your requests too complicated, un. Be reasonable.

Oh, and if any ladies would like to come out and see how a real expert does things, I won't protest. In fact, consider it an open invitation, un. Things could get really interesting if you enjoy being spontaneous like I do!